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High Hopes in High Heels: It’s what we have; it’s who we are!

Rewind back to March of 2009 and you’ll find a small group of Tampa Bay-area women seeking to promote personal and professional growth. But how would they do it? By organizing High Hopes in High Heels!

High Hopes in High Heels is a local women’s organization with one simple mission: to empower Tampa Bay’s women to improve their lives personally, professionally and philanthropically through supporting our community.

Each year, we “adopt” three local non-profits in need. After determining these organizations’ missions, needs and opportunities for volunteerism, we get to work! From cleaning up beaches and serving hot meals to organizing proms and even puppy showers, each project brings us a new opportunity to offer support to a group in need as well as network among other professional women.

Today, our 501(c)(3) organization is comprised of more than 100 Bay-area women. One high-heeled step at a time, we’ve actually exceeded goals beyond our own generation and have branched down into the next.

By offering our various areas of expertise, we also mentor and inspire a second generation of young adults each year, to ensure that Tampa Bay continues to move forward.

To learn more about our group, hear what our members have to say!

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