Adriana Pabon

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Adriana Pabon

Education: Florida International University, Legal Assistant Certification

Employer: Ogden & Sullivan, P.A.

Position: Legal Assistant

Goals: To make a positive impact in the community by working with local organizations especially those that support local women and children and promote personal growth and self-sufficiency.

Adriana was born in Medellin, Colombia. She arrived to the United States from her native Colombia when she was 17 years old. Adriana has called Tampa her home for seven years.

Community involvement has always been very important to Adriana. She was very active in different local organizations before joining High Hopes in High Heels a year after arriving to Tampa. In spite of working full-time and spending quality time with her husband, family and friends, Adriana still manages to dedicate a large portion of her time to volunteer work. She is very passionate about her volunteer work and she injects humor into traditionally serious matters because she believes that one good laugh can be more healing and energizing than a thousand words. Adriana believes we can find the silver lining in any situation and that we should count our lucky stars regardless of what happens in life.