Bronwyn Fowler

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Bronwyn Fowler

Employer: Pipeline Promotions

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Position: Consultant

Goals: To make a difference in my local community and to continually work toward being a good role model for my children. Also, I strive to grow as an individual through volunteer efforts and opening my eyes up to the world around me.

Originally from Miami, FL, Bronwyn moved to Tampa, FL in 1999 to attend USF. Bronwyn graduated from high school in Melbourne, FL, but most of her family currently lives overseas. For the past 12 years since graduating from USF, Bronwyn has worked in the meeting planning industry in one way or another, first for Special Events/PR in the non-profit arena then on to corporate events at Tech Data and most recently become a supplier to provide logo’d promotional materials for her clients’ events. Bronwyn enjoys spending time with her family, friends and making time always to give back to her local community, with whatever time she has as any time is important and valued. It’s important for her personally to remember the positives in life and be grateful, while also being a good role model for her two boys. Plus, getting to spend time with great women who’ve become friends and an inspiration doesn’t hurt either!