“Fun in the sun” event with Girl’s Inc. of Sarasota

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“Fun in the sun” event with Girl’s Inc. of Sarasota

Girl’s Inc. of Sarasota



On Saturday, June 9th, the ladies from High Hopes in High Heels volunteered at Girl’s Inc located in Sarasota. We all made the hour trip for our fun in the sun event with the little girls from Girl’s Inc. and their mom’s.   We greeted the girls in the courtyard, where we had different stations of bubbles with different wands and a machine blowing hundreds of bubbles, jump ropes, hoola hoops, and sidewalk chalk.  Once all the girls arrived we headed inside for an art project making necklaces and painting them with their moms.  After everyone finished with their necklaces, we headed to the gym where we broke into two groups. One group played the orange under the chin relay game,  while the other group had three legged races and after a while we switched.  Both moms and kids had a blast playing the games, which afterwards, everyone was awarded little prizes!

While the volunteers and girls were playing one of our High Heeled hunks was busy grilling hotdogs and hamburgers for the girls, their moms, the volunteers and the Girl’s Inc staff.  After both teams played both games, we headed to lunch where we munched on either a hamburger or hotdog, chips, watermelon and drinks.

After lunch, we had naked cupcakes that all the girls got to ice and decorate which was a nice treat after lunch. Before the girls left, we gave each of them a goody bag filled with all types of prizes and candy.  It truly was a remarkable day that I think no one will forget! Thanks to Girl’s Inc. for that wonderful opportunity we had to work with the girls.