High Hopes in High Heels Kicks Off Their 2014-2015 Year!

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High Hopes in High Heels Kicks Off Their 2014-2015 Year!

On the evening of September 9, 2014, High Hopes in High Heels held their annual kickoff at the Tampa Centre Club. The evening began with lots of excitement and networking! Over 40 members and non-members attended the event and were eager to hear about the 3 charities that were selected for the 2014-2015 year.

Rachel Luis, Co-Founder and President, kicked off the event with an introduction to High Hopes in High Heels and a brief history on how the organization came to be.

Laura Fontanills, Vice President, gave a brief description of the Social Committee and the educational group Biz-E-Chicks. There will be several socials throughout the year as well as two Biz-E-Chicks meetings that members can partake in.

Bronwyn Fowler, Board Member, introduced the first charity that will be supported, Brain Tumor Alliance. Debbie Turner from the Brain Tumor Alliance gave a moving description about the organization and how High Hopes will be able to help them throughout the year. Tears filled the eyes of the participants as Debbie told many heartwarming stories.

Laura Fontanills introduced the next charity, Hounds 4 Heroes. Patty Surprenant, past recipient, along with her Greyhound companion, Murray, described all that Hounds 4 Heroes assisted her with as she battled PTSD. She also showed several tricks that Murray has been trained to do to help her with her disorder.

Tiffany Spies-Valdez, Board Member, presented the 3rd charity, PACE Center for Girls. Tonya Hollins, Executive Director for PACE, gave a full description of the organization. Her passion was contagious and she quickly moved the audience from laughter to tears as she told personal stories of the girls that PACE helps.

Rachel Luis closed the evening with the announcement that High Hopes will be supporting a “bonus” charitable organization this year, Camp Hopetake. High Hopes in High Heels will have the opportunity to work with and assist the burn victims at their annual camp that takes place for one week in June.